Warning: Use of Bitcoin Financial group in SCAM Russian Bitcoin Web site

Внимание : Использование Bitcoin Финансовая группа в СКАМ русской Bitcoin сайте
Vnimaniye : Ispol'zovaniye Bitcoin Finansovaya gruppa v SKAM russkoy Bitcoin sayte

We have become aware of the fact that our name and a link to our web site is appearing on various web sites which purport to give away bitcoins upon registration.  We are NOT affiliated with these web sites, which appear to be a SCAM with possible origin in Russia, and have NOT granted permission to the owners of these sites (whoever they may be) to use our name or link to our web site.

We have posted notice of the above on the following bitcoin forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1162418.new#new.

At press time, some of these web sites are:


We can only assume that the criminals behind these web sites decided to link their criminal site to our commercial site in an attempt to show alleged legitimacy. In other circumstances, we could regard this as a compliment.  We do note that the reference to our site says “insurance”.  And, indeed, we are a licensed insurance broker in the United States and do provide insurance for mid-size to large bitcoin companies (if you are interested).

We encourage you not be a victim of what is obviously a criminal enterprise and avoid these web sites.

Ty Sagalow
Bitcoin Financial Group, LLC