RIMS 2015- FOR003- Bitcoins: The Next Cyberinsurance?

Session:         FOR003- Bitcoins: The Next Cyberinsurance?

Day/Date:      Tuesday, 4/28/2015

Time:             11:30am – 12:30pm (60 minutes)


General Overview of Session:

There are more than 13 million bitcoins—more than $8 billion—involved in tens of thousands transactions every month. Bitcoins have been recognized as virtual currency by the U.S. Treasury Department and deemed taxable property by the Internal Revenue Service. They can be converted to and from international currencies and used to buy everything from gift certificates to hotel room reservations. But what are the risks of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies? This session is hosted by RIMS New York Chapter.

Moderator:           Ty R. Sagalow, CEO & Founder, Innovation Insurance Group, Bitcoin Insurance Agency
Speaker:                Robert Parisi, Managing Director, Marsh
Risk Manager:      James Kirtland, Risk Manager, Voya Financial