Bitcoin Prices Dip Below $4,000 to Hit 7-Day Low

The bitcoin price is back below $4,000, falling below a notable milestone that some may now be beginning to view as the peak of its rally.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Bitcoin Cash Wins Mining Power as Price Falls Back Below $600

Bitcoin Cash just reached a difficulty adjustmentPowered by WPeMatico Learn More

$10.4 Million: In-Game Item Exchange DMarket Raises New Funds in ICO

Virtual goods marketplace DMarket has raised more than $10 million in an ICO.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Take Two: Bitcoin Miner BTCS Announces New Merger Deal

BTCS, the publicly traded bitcoin miner, is moving toward a new merger, SEC filings reveal.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More