Archives for November 2017

Bitcoin Is an Emerging Systemic Risk

The bubble in cryptocurrency threatens the broader financial system, given new buyers’ different motivations from early adopters and use of leverage.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Fed Vice Chair: Cryptocurrencies Threaten Financial Stability

Decentralized currencies could have "spillover effects" on the wider financial system if they get too big, Fed supervision chief Randal Quarles said.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

ICE Agent: Cryptocurrencies Increasingly Used in Money Laundering

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent mentions mixing services at exchanges and anonymity-enhancing currencies in Senate testimony.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Almost Half of ICO Funding Goes to Europe, Report Finds

The report by venture capital firm Atomico also found that more than a third of all ICOs were based in the EU.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More