Archives for September 2017

Zk-Starks? New Take on Zcash Tech Could Power Truly Private Blockchains

While in its earliest stages of development, a new form of cryptography is winning developers for its potential to power truly private blockchains.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Philly Fed Chief: Bitcoin Has Little Chance of Thwarting Monetary Policy

Patrick Harker of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has said bitcoin has yet to be tested by a real catastrophe.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

SEC Charges ICO: US Agency Takes Action Against Alleged Token Scammer

The SEC charged two companies and a businessman with anti-fraud violations after he allegedly launched ICO campaigns backed by nonexistent assets.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

IMF's Lagarde: Ignoring Cryptocurrencies 'May Not Be Wise'

Cryptocurrencies and their potential for growing use shouldn't be ignored, according to IMF chief Christine Lagarde.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More