Archives for April 2016

Consensus 2016 Hackathon Pushes Blockchain Beyond Finance

The first day of the Consensus 2016 Hackathon saw over twenty blockchain entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and concepts to a wide array of developers.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Bitcoin's Messy Push for Innovation is Winning Over Payments Innovators

Despite criticism of bitcoin's approach to payments innovation, its development process may have advantages over existing methods, observers argue.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

10 Must-See Moments at Consensus 2016

Don't miss these must-see moments set to take place at next week's Consensus 2016 blockchain conference.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Bitcoin Price Ends Turbulent Week as Bull Run Fades

Bitcoin prices fluctuated significantly during the week ending 29th April, reaching a yearly high of $470 before falling below $440.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More