Archives for December 2015

Media Caught Up in Search for Satoshi: Bitcoin in the Headlines

Speculation about Satoshi Nakamoto was heightened following published evidence which pointed to an Australian man as bitcoin's possible creator.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Bitcoin Price Rockets To One-Year High on Record Volumes

The price of bitcoin has hit its highest level in the last year, trading at $436 and climbing at press time.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

ANX CTO: Bitcoin’s Scalability Issue is a ‘Red Herring’

During a talk at Finnovasia 2015, ANX CTO Hugh Madden said he believes concerns about the bitcoin blockchain’s ability to scale are a “red herring”.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More

Deutsche Bank Research: Bitcoin Isn’t Eliminating Intermediaries

A new Deutsche Bank Research report suggests the bitcoin network is in some ways failing to live up to its original vision.Powered by WPeMatico Learn More