Archives for March 2015

BitGo Names New CEO in Leadership Shake-Up

BitGo announced today that co-founder Mike Belshe will replace Will O'Brien as acting CEO of the bitcoin security provider. Calling the move "the best path forward", Belshe suggested that the transition was put in place by the BitGo's remaining founders, including both himself and Ben Davenport, and that O'Brien will continue working with the Learn More

Overstock Invests $5 Million in Peernova in First Bitcoin Investment

US retail giant Overstock has invested in blockchain technology specialist Peernova as part of its second tranche of Series A financing. Formed through a merger between cloud mining contract provider CloudHashing and ASIC hardware designer HighBitcoin in early 2014, Peernova raised $8.6m in funding last December as it sought to accelerate its shift Learn More

Exclusive: Silk Road Agent Gave Bitcoin Tax Advice Prior to Arrest

"I’m a proponent of bitcoin and hope it does succeed and take over the monetary system of the world." Months after the closure of the infamous online black market Silk Road and the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, it seems bitcoin still held the attention of former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent Carl Mark Force Learn More

Only 2.3% of Americans in Survey Trust Bitcoin Transfers Overseas

Only 2.3% of Americans would trust bitcoin to send funds overseas in an emergency, according to a new survey by the Digital Currency Council. By contrast, 30.3% of the 750 "regular Americans" sampled would trust their banks to make international transfers. 23% of the people surveyed said that they would use Western Union, whilst 22% thought Paypal Learn More